Google Search Console Removes Ability to Set a Preferred Domain

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Google Search Console has recently made an important change that affects website owners and SEO professionals. The ability to set a preferred domain, which allows webmasters to choose whether their site should be displayed with “www” or without it, has been removed. This change has sparked discussions within the SEO community about its impact on website performance and search engine rankings.

Why was the Ability to Set a Preferred Domain Removed?

The decision to remove the preferred domain setting was made by Google to simplify the settings in Search Console and focus on more critical aspects of website optimization. By eliminating this feature, Google aims to encourage webmasters to focus on creating high-quality content and improving overall user experience on their websites.

How Does This Change Impact Website Owners?

Website owners who previously used the preferred domain setting will now have to ensure that their site is properly configured to display the desired version (with or without “www”). While this may seem like a minor adjustment, it can have implications for website visibility and search engine rankings.

Will This Change Affect SEO Strategies?

The removal of the preferred domain setting does not directly impact SEO strategies. Website owners can still use redirects and canonical tags to indicate their preferred domain version to search engines. However, this change serves as a reminder that SEO is constantly evolving, and webmasters must stay updated on the latest best practices.

What Should Website Owners Do Next?

To ensure that their websites are properly indexed and ranked by search engines, website owners should review their site configuration and make any necessary adjustments. This includes setting up redirects, updating canonical tags, and monitoring website performance in Google Search Console.


In conclusion, Google’s decision to remove the ability to set a preferred domain in Search Console emphasizes the importance of focusing on quality content and user experience. While this change may require website owners to make adjustments, it presents an opportunity to enhance website optimization practices and stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

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